I am a Practitioner of Coaching, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Practitioner of Timelines, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy; Certified with the Association of Professional Coaching, in association with European Community for NLP and International NLP Federation.

As a Transition and Accountability coach, I not only facilitate you in identifying clear and well-formed goals, but I will also hand hold you to ensure that the goals are achieved. 

We all go through transition at one stage of our lives or the other, some planned, some unplanned. But truth be told, no matter how best planned or most desired those changes are, they can sometimes bring with them life’s toughest challenges; I am happy to WORK and WALK with you. 

Are you going through a period of transition?

Are you at crossroads and unsure where to turn?

Do you suffer from impostor syndrome?

I will help you get back on track.

I will help you clarify your intentions and set you on the path to finding alignment.

I will work with you to overcome your limiting beliefs and become more result focused.




Interested in our coaching program?

If you need clarity and someone to hold you by the hand to walk through
life from adversity to an adventurous life of purpose,
then you can secure a slot for the clarity/discovery call.
It is time to be INTENTIONAL about your Life.